Friday, 31 October 2014

Sana Khan Arrested for assaulting a women

The Amboli police have arrested actress Sana Khan along with her boy friend and a servant on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting a media consultant recently. The police produced them before a court on the same day and they were released on bail.

Khan was allegedly upset with the victim, Poonam Khanna, suspecting that she had leaked information about Khan's relationship with her boyfriend that landed her in legal trouble.

In 2013, Sana had allegedly attempted to kidnap a 15-year-old girl. Sana's cousin was interested in the girl and on his behest she had made the attempt. Navi Mumbai police had booked Sana in the case. Sana surrendered before the police and applied for the bail. Her boy friend, Ismail Khan, had stood as Sana's guarantor and bailed her out stating that he was her friend. Afterwards, an NGO reportedly claimed that Ismail himself was an accused in an old cheating case in which the police had arrested him a few years ago. That time, Sana allegedly bailed Ismail out stating that she was his wife. Last week, a tabloid published an article mentioning all these details.

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