Saturday, 11 October 2014

Bigg Boss 8, Day 20: Soni Singh curses Gautam Gulati; Minissha Lamba confronts Karishma Tanna

 Day 20 in the Bigg Boss House started with the housemates grooving on the tunes of 'Aaj Blue hai paani paani'. But their excitement was soon dampened and taken over by tension and nervousness when Bigg Boss announced a task whereby Punit and Aarya could save th​emselves from getting directly nominated in the next nomination procedure. The 'Ice Slab Challenge' required Punit and Aarya to lie down on a huge slab of ice while their respective teammates were required to melt a smaller ice slab and take out the winner cue card seeded in the slab to make their respective team member win the task.
Bigg Boss instructed the rest of the housemates to choose voluntarily who they wanted to support. While Deepshikha, Sonali, Natasha, Praneet, Pritam, Gautam and Sushant chose to support Punit Issar, Aarya's team on the other hand consisted of Minisha, Karishma, Soni, Diandra and Upen.
After the physical task housemates were treated to a luxury budget. Only this time they had to deal with the consequences of disobeying certain rules of the house. As a punishment, the time (10 Minutes) allotted to the contestants to acquire the budget was cut down to half (5 Minutes). Sushant was the chosen one to perform the given luxury budget task. He had to pick out the number blocks put up on a board and draw the particular item written at the back of every block on a white board and the contestants were to guess the item. Sushant performed rather well and acquired maximum things on the list.

Soni Singh had a small tiff with Gautam Gulati as he continued his weird antics. She cried and cursed the actor for misbehaving with her. Later, Upen Patel played the pacifier and consoled Soni. Minissha Lamba also confronted Karishma for the thing she did in the house and the two had a heated argument.

Later in the evening Bigg Boss instructed the contestants to perform the TVS Scooty Zest 110 task where Sonali and Soni were appointed as the team leaders. Both the girls were supposed to walk on the given ramp to reach the scooty kept at the end of the ramp. While carrying a bowl of water on their head and a particular food item given to them in their hands they were required to accomplish the given task with the help of their respective teammates. However while performing the task; there were difficulties, hurdles, accidents, injuries and more. How did the contestants cope with all of that is something to look forward to in tonight's episode.

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