Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bigg Boss Day 51: Gautam Gulati Cries infront of Puneet and Dimpy

The contestants of season 3 of Bigg Boss have spent 50 days inside this glass walled house sans all the luxuries of the outside world. The fourth wild card contestant, Nigaar Khan, finally made her doorway into the controversial house. Within minutes of entry, the contestants got into a deep discussion with the sharing of beds. The most considering point was, the boys who used to sleep on the sofas also now want a bed for themselves. Looks like, all the boys now want to get maximum attention from the newly entered girls. Interesting isn’t it?

The contestants got their weekly luxury budget task ‘Sab Dhurander Hotel Ke Aandar’. All the housemates will have to be dressed as waiters except the three new wild card entrants. Bigg boss has placed three safes inside the bedroom which will belong to the guests.
Gautam and Praneet against got into a verbal brawl in between the task. Given the turbulent situation inside the house, Sonali raised her hands amid the task and chose not to continue with it further. Few days after entering the glass walled house, Renee started showing her true colors. Bigg Boss house also got a glimpse of the loud attitude, she is known for.
Puneet Issar since his re-entry into the house has been playing a different game altogether. The oldie has been taking a good advantage of the respect and love Gautam has for him. Gautam’s bull headed nature is something everyone in the house troubled about. Having understood the weaker points of the tele-star (of becoming the house captain), Puneet is ensuring that he hits right at that spot. Off late there have been recurrent clashes taking place in between P3G, especially Praneet, Pritam and Gautam.
Gautam’s short tempered nature has made both Praneet and Pritam reconsider their decision of voting the tele-star as the house captain. This leaded to Gautam crying as he fells betrayed by his friends for not supporting for being the captain

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